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Disinfection with Light

Great Lakes Disinfection was founded with the goal one goal in mind-  providing hospital grade cleaning technology to everyday consumers.  It’s no secret that bacteria and viruses have the amazing ability to adapt and evolve to survive. We face an uphill battle of staying healthy against “superbugs” or organisms that have become resistant to antibiotics- unwanted organisms like these. The standard, traditional cleaning methods are no longer enough. Great Lakes Disinfection is lighting up this issue- with the UVC Light!

As an ICU nurse, Managing Partner, Tim Bedell, has seen firsthand the devastating effects of infection and the detriment it can play in one’s life. Tim’s experience working in a hospital setting allowed him to learn of an age-old, evolving technology- UVC light. Hospitals are preventing infections with this technology. The UVC Light gives hospitals the ability to clean their patient rooms and surgical sweets to levels not otherwise possible. Check out the history of this technology in more depth. 

We provide the service taking this technology and disinfecting places where large groups of people gather- offices, gyms, restaurants, schools, daycares, and more!


You probably have questions about this disinfection technology.

Take a look at some frequently asked questions and more information about the UVC light. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more today!