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Great Lakes Disinfection has partnered with UVC Cleaning Systems, based right here in Michigan, to offer UVC cleaning technology to you. The M15 is very easy to use and self-contained unit. Do not let the mobility fool you! It offers the same high-level cleaning capability as the machines that hospitals utilize.


Here’s what will happen:

The UVC light emits radiation, which is hazardous to your eyes and skin. No humans or animals should be in the room during the disinfection process.

First, all drawers and interior doors (like a closet) will need to be opened.

The UVC device will need to be at least 24 inches from all objects in the room and ideally 36 inches from any plastic objects to reduce discoloration in the plastics that from multiple disinfection. The light will disinfect everything within 16 feet of the device.

After the area is staged properly for disinfection and all occupants are out of the area, your technician will run the machine for the duration of approximately 30 minutes or until the machine senses the disinfection is complete.

You’ve disinfected the environment with UVC Light!  Here’s what you do next.